What is a DIAGONAL PASO horse?

A Diagonal Paso Horse is usually a term used to refer to a Trocha Pura, Trocha y Galope or Trote y Galope horse. Diagonal Paso horses can be ridden collected or with extension. This quality makes the breed very versatile. In native Colombia the breed is sought after as prized show horses and ranch horses. In the USA they are used for Show, Western, English, Jumping, Trail obstacle, Dressage and general recreational riding and trail riding.

Diagonal Paso horses come in a variety of colors except in Pinto. They range from 14 to 15 hands tall.

What is a TROTE Y GALOPE horse?

The Colombian Trote y Galope Breed is fairly new to the United States. The breed developed originally as a cross between Lusitano and Paso Fino Horses. The Lusitano contributes to the height, power, and diagonal gait while the Paso Fino influence is in the horses brio (spirit), quickness, sensitivity to aids and smoothness of movement.

The “trote” is a two beat, much exaggerated diagonal gait, but without suspension. The trot is powerful yet comfortable and there is no need to post. The horses look as if they are marching.

The “galope” or canter is a movement of forward diagonal propulsion in three beats: the first stage begins with the striking of one hind leg; the second stage is taken by the opposite hind leg and the foreleg diagonal to it; then the third stage is completed when the last foreleg hits the ground. The beat makes a 1-2-3, 1-2-3 sound.

Typically their manes are “roached.” It was originally done for practical purposes, as many are working horses in Colombia. It is not a requirement for show, but it is done in order to accentuate their characteristically thick, regal necks.

What is a TROCHA PURA horse?

Highly prized in it’s native country of Colombia the Trocha horse performs one gait during competition. A smooth 4 beat uneven diagonal Paso Gait.

The “trocha” is the typical way of movement, considered a gait, for some horses which is measured in a rhythmical and harmonious tempo but in four uneven beats, identified by the sound produced by the four beats when the sequence of the cycle is performed. Its sound follows a 1-1-1-1 rhythm.

The Trocha horse is shown fully collected with rapid, fluid, powerful footfall. The horse must be energetic, well balanced and symmetrical
while performing the Trocha gait during the entire class. The Trocha horse usually possess a long full mane and not roached.

What is a TROCHA Y GALOPE horse?

This breed is similar to the Trocha Pura yet also must perform the galope gait with a very elegant, smooth, collected frame and controlled forward movement. Typically, their manes are roached.

The Paso Fino is known for their smooth comfortable gait, intelligence, energy and willingness. Paso Finos come in all colors, including Pinto. On average they range in height from 13-15 hands. They were Bred for stamina and balance, they are very sure-footed, and athletic. Their movement is very unique. The paso fino gait is an evenly-spaced four-beat lateral gait vs a trotting horse which has a diagional 2 beat gait. 

When executed perfectly, the four hoof beats are absolutely even in both cadence and impact, resulting in smoothness and comfort for the rider. There is no fancy shoeing and many are ridden barefoot. Their gait is completely natural and typically exhibited from birth. You can see foals moving in gait alongside their mothers. Paso Finos are known for having brio and good energy.

There are many different types of Paso Finos.Whether you prefer a relaxed trail horse or a energetic high level exciting competition horse, there is a Paso Fino for all riders and skill levels.

The Paso Fino can travel at the corto gait sure-footedly for hours; and thanks to the smooth gait, the rider can also find comfort in the saddle for hours, making the Paso Fino an ideal trail mount.

The largo is an extended version of the gait and is similar to the forward speed of a horse in a lope.

There are so many ways to enjoy the paso fino:
Trail riding 
pole bending
cowboy mounted shooting
obstacle trail challenges
equine soccer
drill team competitions
cow penning

the Paso Fino Horse Association offers:

Western classes
Trail classes
costume classes
Pleasure Driving  
and “Bella Forma” Bella Forma is the conformation class or Halter class division